Biography of Choreographies and Productions of Aurelia Baumgartner,

Aureliana Contemporary Dance Project


2015 08.-10.09 Video Installation at the TaPRA (Theatre an Performance Research Association) Exhibition at the University of Worcester, UK

2015 10.06 Performance "Catch me if you can! – Ezrydike 2012 reloaded" invited at Opening of the 6th CTLA (Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts) in New York, USA

2014 22.11 Lecture "Dancing Horses" at ASTR / TLA Conference "What performs?" exploring the domains of non-, more-, and other-than-human thought in Baltimore, USA

2014 31.07 "Human without Cortex – Attempts" Performance and Lecture at FIRT / IFTR World Congress "Theatre & Stratification" at Warwick Arts Center, UK

2014 31.05 Lecture "Dancing Horses and Reflecting Humans" together with Prof. Meyer-Dinkgräfe at Animal Encounters-Performance, Animality & Posthumanism: Theatre, Performance & Philosophy Interim Conference in association with the
University of Roehampton/London, UK

2013 "Interlace – Nomad´s Rhythms`, first night at Weilheim 28.11. and 13.12. at Starnberg/Munich, Germany

2013 25.10 "Eurydike 2012 - Catch me if you can!" at the [soundcheck philosophie]#3 Festival
Halle / Saale, Germany, subsidized by the City of Munich, Kulturreferat

2013 24.5 "Mensch ohne Großhirn - Versuche" (`Human without Cortex-Trials`) at the Nietzsche Dokumentationzetrum Naumburg/Germany

2012 12./13.10 “Tanzende Pferde-Spiegelungen im Raum”, subsidized by the city of Starnberg for its 100th anniversary, Starnberg-Munich/Germany

2012 01.09. “Configurazione di Sign-art-our” Prima Nazionale, Mart (Museum of Contemporary Art), opening of the OrienteOccidente Festival, Rovereto/Italy

2012 “Configurazione di Sign-art-our” invited at [soundcheck philosophie]#2 Festival
Halle / Saale, subsidized by the City of Munich, Kulturreferat

2011 „CosmosSensual“, Dance and Video Performance first night at the Modul Art Vernissage of Leda Luss  Luyken at Ars 24, Munich

2011 „Configurazione di Sign-art-our“, Co-Production with Silvio Cattani invited and subsidized  by the Istituto Italiano  Munich and the City of Munich, Kulturreferat

2011 “Die Krone im Wasser” first night at the Festival for the 125th anniversary of the day of death of King Ludwig II. v. Bayern, Marstall in Berg subsidized by the Kulturverein Berg, Berg, Germany

2011 dancer in Richard Siegals “Co-Pirates” at Muffathalle, Munich, Germany

2010 dancer in Richard Siegals “Co-Pirates” first night  at the opening of the Dance 2010 Festival, Munich, Germany

2010 2k1 “Eurydike 2012”-Catch me if you can?   invited Modul  Artist, Leda Luss Luyken, first night at whiteBOX, Munich  (subsidized by the City of Munich, Kulturreferat), Munich, Germany

2010 “Sign-art-our” first night, Co-Production with Silvio Cattani at whiteBOX, Munich, Germany

2009 Contemporary Flamenco Performance featuring Jairo Cabral with Sol y Sombra at the 10th anniversary of the International Festival of Guitar, Bad Aibling, Germany

2009 “Between Strings & Matches” first night in Germany at Carl-Orff-Saal at Gasteig, Munich, Germany

2009 “Between Strings & Matches” tour around Portugal with Munich Guitars invited by the Goethe Institut, Munich, Germany

2009 choreography and dance for the film trailer because of the 10th anniversary of the International Festival of Guitar
Bad Aibling
, Germany

2009 “Identity” first night at Kulturtage Starnberg, Germany

2007-2009 soloist and choreographer for the group ‚Sol y Sombra‘

2008 “Changes” invited at Bühnenluft  Festspiele, Starnberg, Germany     

2007 “Changes” first night at Black Box at Gasteig, Munich, Germany

2007 “Views of Tango” invited at Bühnenluft  Festspiele, Bad Wörishofen, Germany

2005 “Views of Tango” invited at the International Festival of Tango, Munich, Germany

2004 “Views of Tango” first night at Carl-Orff-Saal at Gasteig, Munich, Germany